At Newton Road School we expect good attendance to ensure that all pupils are able to take full advantage of the education available to them.

Good attendance matters.  Pupils who have good attendance:

  • Get better jobs in the future
  • Achieve better results
  • Make better friendships
  • Have good self-esteem and confidence

Good attendance means:

100% attendance where a pupil arrives on time every day that they are well.

Facts for Parents

Parents are legally obliged to ensure that their child attends school regularly and may be fined or prosecuted if they take their child on holiday during term time, or fail to ensure regular attendance.  The academy is not legally allowed to authorise holidays.  Absence is only permitted and authorised for genuine illness (medical evidence may be required) or days of religious observance verified by the religious organisation. Should you need to request a period of absence then please complete the request form which can be found here

Our absence information form can be downloaded here

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