Newton Road School does the Stone Age in style!

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For our Stone Age Celebration, we asked pupils in years 3 and 4 to come in dressed in true Stone Age style.

The outfits worn and effort put in were absolutely incredible! It felt like we had some real cave people visiting our classrooms!

Children spent the morning exploring the animals featured in the film ‘The Croods’ and discussed what type of animals they would really have found.

Mrs Ash said: “We really enjoyed seeing cave people in action and we discussed how we saw weapons used to hunt their food, just as we have been learning about. The children then got creative at creating, drawing and describing their own Stone Age animals.

“After break, we explored the Bronze Age and Iron Age in further detail and worked in teams to create posters with key facts and information. The children loved learning about the past and the changes that occurred through the ages.”

Thalia, aged 8, said: “I have loved this topic, I particularly liked learning about what they ate in the Stone Age and comparing it to what we eat today.”

Another favourite activity for the children was the creation of Top Trump cards, comparing creatures from the Stone Age with animals they may see today.

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