Extended Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Name Role
Miss K Mills Principal
Mrs L Abel Vice Principal
Mrs C Radd Assistant Principal

Extended Leadership Team

Extended Leadership Team

Name Role
Miss T Webber Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Lead
Miss V Harris and Mrs C Radd Phase Two Lead (Y3/4) and Maths Lead
Mrs L Oliver Phase Three Lead (Y5/6) and PSHE Lead
Mrs H Moody English Lead
Mrs D Mann SENCO
Mrs S Bell School Business Manager
Mrs L Butler Parent Support and Pastoral Lead
Mrs S Robinson Family and Pastoral Support Officer


Name Role
Miss D Owens and Miss T Webber Squirrels Foundation Stage Unit
Mr L Fisher Dragonflies Years 1 & 2
Miss K Judkins Bees Years 1 & 2
Ms J Beveridge Ants Years 1 & 2
Mrs K Ash Owls Years 3 & 4
Mrs D Palmer Wolves Years 3 & 4
Miss V Harris Badgers Years 3 & 4
Mrs L Oliver Hawks Years 5 & 6
Mrs C Radd and Mrs D Mann Red Kites Year 5 & 6
Mrs H Moody Eagles Year 5 & 6
Mr M Butler PE

Teaching Assistants

Name Role
Mrs Z Arnold Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss J Barry Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Ellis Teaching Assistant
Miss C Oughton Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Moden Teaching Assistant
Miss C Cumley Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Liverton Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Martin Teaching Assistant
Miss S Love Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Ridley Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Roberts Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Stephens Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Tomlin-Barfoot Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Vickers Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bates Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Administrative Team

Name Role
Mrs S Bell School Business Manager
Mrs T Holmes Attendance Officer
Mrs N Ribano Office Administrator

Learning Environment Team

Name Role
Mr S Barfoot Site Supervisor
Mr P Blachford Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs H Manning Evening Cleaner
Mrs J Wallace Evening Cleaner
Miss L Wallace Evening Cleaner

Lunchtime Team

Name Role
Mrs G Finnegan Lead Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S Barfoot Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H Manning Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Roberts Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Wallace Lunchtime Supervisor

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